Meet the Editors

Becca Wallace Rebecca WallaceBecca Wallace– When Becca isn’t devouring a large stack of her favorite books, she’s writing her own stories, taking photographs, dancing at indie rock concerts, painting masterpieces, hiking all of San Diego and spending quality time with her cat, family and friends. Her favorite part of Young Adult Fiction is getting lost in another person’s youth because her own wasn’t awkward enough.

10004037_624942670894305_1847609152_n[1]Taelyr Vecchione– Taelyr loves all books. She especially loves Young Adult Fiction. Some of her favorite authors include Ellen Hopkins, Pittacus Lore, Jodi Picoult, Scott Westerfield, Meg Cabot, and of course J.K Rowling. When she isn’t reading she is writing her own fiction, and aspires to be a published author and work for a publishing house. Taelyr is a proud Slytherin, a dog owner, movie enthusiast, and book collector. She is currently working on her first novel and is a contributing editor at College News Magazine.


Ehren Bracht– What could possibly be better than doing what you love? For Ehren, that includes constantly reading books, whether they be Young Adult, Fantasy or Mystery, as well as writing some fiction of his own on his down time.  Balancing school, work and a social life is trying at times, so Ehren likes to spend any free time with his nose in a book.  He also likes to delve into the various worlds of video games and movies, aspiring to work in the Film business (that is if he doesn’t write the “next big thing”). In the meantime Ehren will share his thoughts and opinions in The Fountain of Young Adult Fiction.

Gabriel Valenzuela – Most people would say he’s just a nice guy who loves words and the different combinations of them whenever he’s stressed or nervous . . . they’re right. He values intelligence over anything else; call him a Ravenclaw. He loves to watch and analyze movies, shows, books, and basically anything that has an element of art embedded within its fabrication. Writing is his therapy, and he means that with great pride. He loves it and needs it. Without it he would probably be locked up in some mental hospital . . . Not even kidding.

IMG_5752Haley Leverton  It’s no secret that Haley loves to keep her eyes glued to Young Adult novels. Whens she’s not keeping up with the struggles and triumphs of teen life, she enjoys practicing yoga, rock climbing, and knitting. She cherishes her time with family, friends, and her Chihuahua, Bella. Haley aspires to become a teacher and hopes to create her own story full of adventure, travel, and good vibes.


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