Interview with Jenny S. Burke, author of “Dragon Dreamer”

JENNY BURKE PICTUREJenny S. Burke is the author of The Dragon Dreamer, a fantasy adventure YA novel about a flying dragon and his unexpected undersea friends. Burke has also has written many activity books for all ages. Here is our exciting interview with Jenny S. Burke! Continue reading


An Interview with Virginia McClain, author of “Blades Edge”

unnamed[1]Virginia McClain is the author of Blades Edge and Rain on a Summer Afternoon. She loves hiking and outdoor activities. Before moving to Winnipeg with her husband and dog, she had lived (and survived an earthquake) in Japan. Her experiences from the amazing places she has been has led to inspiration for her writing. Continue reading

Skink-No Surrender: A Truly Wild Ride

51-1FJjtclLWhat happens when you mix together a crazy ex-governor, alligators, a chatroom kidnapper, a naïve teen and a protective cousin? Skink-No Surrender is what happens. And boy does it deliver! Author Carl Hiaasen takes his first dive into Young Adult literature mixing known characters from his adult novels with signature elements from his middle-grade novels. Most of you may know Hiaasen from his award winning book Hoot, an adventure book with his emphasis on the environment. I have yet to read Hoot, but from what I know of it and Skink, readers of Hoot will definitely get a kick out of Skink.

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Young Adult Fiction: Where It All Started

Have you ever wonYoungAdultdered what exactly “Young Adult” means? What age range is that? Is it 18-24? Or does it start earlier at 16? Or does the “Young Adult” apply to the protagonists of the novels? When did this booming genre of fiction start? Has it grown outside of its limiting name? Follow me through this commentary and I’ll make sure all of these questions are answered.

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Poetry Reading: A Night of Discovery and Adventure

 IMG_0174  Yes, this is an event review about a poetry reading. Yes, you are on a Young Adult Fiction journal. But who said poetry doesn’t count as Young Adult? I know when I first showed up at the SDSU Poetry International reading featuring poet couple Michael Waters and Mihaela Mosaliuc, I thought to myself, “what is poetry going to have to do with our YA focus?” I was quite surprised at what I found.

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Interview with Leah Scheier, author of “Your Voice Is All I Hear”

Photo Curtesy of Leah Scheier

Photo Courtesy of Leah Scheier

Leah Scheier is the author of Secret Letters and the upcoming novel Your Voice Is All I Hear, available on September 1, 2015. Leah has been writing throughout her life but has also pursued a career in pediatrics. She is currently living in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and three daughters. Your Voice Is All I Hear is available for preorder on Amazon HERE.

The Fountain: What is your favorite part about writing young adult fiction? Continue reading